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Biotensegral horse training absolutely fascinates me.

Very early on, I began to question why it is normal for so many horses to „break down“. 
In search for answers, I studied veterinary medicine. However, in my daily practice I became disillusioned: I realised that a vet only treats the last of all symptoms ... but this was not good enough for me. Thus my search continued.

I found the answer to all my questions in the idea of biotensegrity and the functionality of fascia.

By now, I have successfully managed to get many horses out of often serious myofascial dysfunctions and associated physical predicaments as well as severe behavioural disorders, and retstore balance and harmony again.
It is a fascinating world in which I still discover new connections and mutually dependent functions every day.

TINA HAU is not just me (Veronika), but also Tina Hau!

Tina and I run our training and rehabilitation centre together. She learnt biotensegral training from me many years ago and is now just as good as I am. Her riding has always been exceptionally.

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