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Here you´ll find our general terms and conditions of business.

General Terms and Conditions of Veronika von Rohrscheidt and Tina Hau GbR

1. participation in courses

Participation in courses is voluntary and at the participant's own risk. Each participant is responsible for any damage caused and releases the organiser and the participants from all liability claims. Working with horses can be dangerous. We recommend wearing protective equipment (riding helmet, safe shoes, gloves, etc.). Participation without protective equipment is at your own risk. We accept no liability for accidents that may occur during the application of the methods, techniques and exercises taught.
Any kind of sound, film, photo or video recording is strictly prohibited, exceptions must be discussed with us. No recordings may be published without our express permission.

2. cancellation of courses

We reserve the right to cancel courses for unforeseeable reasons. Costs incurred as a result of such cancellations, postponements of dates or seminar locations cannot be reimbursed by GbR. We will inform you immediately by e-mail or telephone of any course cancellations or changes.



3. cancellation/prevention of participation in a course

If participation is cancelled up to 1 month before the start of the course, a processing fee of 20% will be charged.
In the event of cancellation from 4 weeks before the start of the course, the course participant must provide a replacement or we must retain 50% of the course fee.
In the event of cancellation less than 7 days before the start of the course, the course participant must provide a replacement or we must retain 75% of the course fee.
If participation is not possible for valid/health reasons, there is the option of making up the course on another date if the maximum number of participants is not exceeded on this date.

4. guest horses

Horses must be in perfect health and have valid liability insurance in order to participate in the course. The requirements (e.g. vaccination status) of the course location must be complied with. Any restrictions or uncertainties must be discussed with us. In case of doubt, we may request a veterinary certificate.

5 Knowledge imparted

The knowledge imparted in theory and practice is the result of many years of experience, many further training courses and the study of different training systems. Knowledge evolves! We assume no liability for the correctness of this information.

6. data protection

All data provided to us in connection with registrations, enquiries, bookings etc. are used exclusively for communication with our customers and are only archived and treated confidentially by Veronika von Rohrscheidt and Tina Hau GbR.
We assume no guarantee or liability for data theft and exchange of contact details during courses and events that are beyond our control.

We accept no liability for the accuracy and up-to-dateness of data on our homepage.

7. address, imprint

Veronika von Rohrscheidt und Tina Hau GbR Lecherwiese 7a
83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham
Tel: 0151 64313972
E-mail: VAT ID No.: DE359069955

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